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Yay! I'm on Dreamwidth!

I'll probably be crossposting with livejournal for the foreseeable future.

Had a good weekend. After reading through the 60+ entrants for this year,and coming up with my personal top 12 list, I met with the other members of the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award jury on Saturday and we came up with a list of 8 finalists. Now the rest of WSFA can read and vote for the winner to be announced at Capclave ( this October. My top 2 did not end up making the final cut, but most of the final list reflects my list. judging is blind, so the names of the authors and where the stories were originally published were stripped off. This is a good thing because the stories are judged on their own merits, but is annoying as I now have a list of around 10 stories for which I have to wait until October to google and/or ask the award administrator about so that I can find out who wrote them and look for other stuff they've written. In addition to deciding the final 8, the jury also treated itself to dinner at a nice Korean restaurant, which had a really nice cinnamon soup for dessert.

Sunday, the Columbia Club of DC had arranged for tickets and a tour of the new stadium before the Nationals game, so I went with B.L. The tour was fun. We got to watch batting practice from the field and got to see all the luxury box areas, etc. The Nats were doing okay up until the last inning. Then the final (of 3) reliever blew it and the Marlins scored 4 runs to take the lead. Sigh. I read in the Washington Post this morning that all the relief pitchers were fired. since yesterdays performance appears to be typical of the bullpen, I'm not surprised.


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