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Haven't used this account for a while, but given the problems lj has been having, I should probably be using it more.

Just got back from Ravencon in Richmond, VA. Had a good time. Went to Q barbeque and had a bbq pork sandwich and hush puppies. Threw a party with a couple friends Friday night, pretty much ran out of beer and cider, but not as much of the hard liquor, although the Jack Daniels, the spiced rum and the coconut rum were all completely consumed. Spent most of Saturday at the Capclave table, but I did manage to get to performances by a couple members of the Funnny Music Project, including Danny Birt. Since we were not throwing a party Saturday night, I actually got to partake of the night time con activities for a change. Went to the room parties, including the brownie party, which had awesome music and involved MST3King Ultraman, hung out at Baen suite for a bit, went to the charity auction, and caught the back half of the Coyote Run concert.

We also managed to sell one Capclave membership. Didn't spend much money in the dealers room. Bought a trilobite necklace, a Groff Conklin edited short story collection, and a P.J. Harvey cd.